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Welcome to my E-Book! Over the past year, I have increased my following by over 100,000 people across all social media platforms. I turned my passion into my day job, and now I'm telling you how I did it! 


This Social Media Strategy 101 Workbook is your complete step-by-step guide to creating your personalized social media strategy. For each section listed within this workbook, there will be at least one activity for you to complete. Once you've completed the workbook, you will be equiped with actionable tasks to launch your new social media strategy!


Each purchase of an E-Book includes one 30 min coaching call with me! Be sure to book your call with me when you're ready to chat, just send me an email:




From the author:

I have put endless hours and knowledge into this workbook. I recognize that with with the ease of the internet, distribution of digital products like this one has become very easy. With the copyright of this book, please be aware that it is not only illegal to distribute this book, but you would also be hurting me and my business, which I have truly worked so hard for. I thank you for respecting my time and energy, and for asking your friends and colleagues to purchase their own copy if they wish to do so.




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Social Media Strategy 101 Workbook