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How it works: 

1. Select your prefered size & complete your purchase.

2. Fill out the questions provided & establish the vision for your custom piece.

3. Keep an eye on your email, I will be replying to your form, asking for you to submit your reference image (have a look through the sample poses provided below for inspiration).

4. I'll take it from here! Turnaround time is approximately 30 days. Your piece will be completed, a preview image will be sent to you, and the piece will be shipped to the address you provided upon checkout. 


Things to Note:

- My study as an artist is the form of the human body; tattoos and body hair will not be painted in.

- I do not paint hands, faces, or hair - if these are included in your reference photo, they will be cropped, or I will adjust the painting accordingly.

- Please try to take your reference photo from a straight on angle - try to avoid mirror photos or selfies. Set up a timer or have a friend take the photo.

- For reference photos, you can be fully nude or wearing underwear, but no bra please. You have my word that once your piece is completed the image will be deleted. 

- If you have a favourite piece of mine, please feel free to send a link when you are communicating your vision, this is super helpful for me!


Custom Nudie

PriceFrom C$500.00
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