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From Zero to One Hundred... Thousand: An Instagram Case Study

In my previous blog post, I discussed Instagram Reels, and how the new algorithm is truly changing the game for users and creators. If you missed it, catch up here before reading on.

This is a case study from a six month period, October through April, working with one of my clients. It will outline the success we had while working together, and highlight the importance of incorporating Instagram Reels into your social media strategy.

When I initially took on this client, we were starting small, with just under 250 followers on Instagram. Prior to working together, not a single Reel had been posted on the Instagram account before. I got started with Reels right away, and within the first 30 days we saw amazing results...

With a following of just 250 users, we had reached upwards of 15,000 users in the first 30 days of posting Reels. An increase of +6,628% compared to September, before we started working together.

One month of posting consistent Reel content, and through those Reels alone, we caught the attention of 15,400 users. In comparison to the month of September - where no Reels were posted - October had an increase of +33,406% in Reach to accounts that weren't following us.

From here, the secret to success was consistency. I worked with my client to produce fun, relatable, and high quality video content that the algorithm was responding to. About three months into our contract, one of our Reels hit 100,000 views.

My carefully crafted social media strategy produced continuous growth, and by the end of our first 6 month period working together, we had gone from 250 to 700 followers (+180%). For reference, before Reels came into play, average Instagram growth in this industry was sitting around +6% monthly.

The results speak for themselves, and the best part? This is only the beginning.

If you or someone you know is interested in expanding their brand awareness and reach through social media, please send me an email (, I would love to help!

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